Marketing Strategy

Marketing today is about understanding patterns in data, internal and public, and execute strategies to enhance the customer experience – existing or potential.

I can help you design relevant marketing strategies for your organization based on your budget rather than buzzwords.

I strongly believe that the role of marketing in a business is to support revenue generation. Having worked in the industry myself, I understand the challenges a marketing department would face.

Case Studies

Community Portal

Marketing Case_Community

A leading real estate services company wanted to launch a community portal as part of the value added services package for
their client. I helped them in converting the idea into reality by taking ownership of end to end execution – identifying the key customer groups, determining the market, finalizing the technology partner, implementation of the launch plan and scaling up.

Sports Facility Pricing

Marketing Case_Sports.jpgOn taking over a new sports facility, the organization needed to get the pricing right quickly. I did a structured study of the catchment area, analysed the sports audiences, conducted in-depth interviews and competition analysis. Based on a number of relevant factors, I helped the organization arrive at the right price which led to a 20% increase in utilization within the first three months.

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