Business Strategy

Business Strategy is all about making correct choices. Any given point of time, as a business owner, you will have multiple decisions to make which require you to use the limited resources at your disposal.

I can help you make the tough business decisions in the easiest possible manner.

I have a strong multi-industry experience in both B2B and B2C space with a focus on  financial and operational planning.

Case Studies

Change ManagementStrategy_Case_Change

This project is closest to my heart! A regional unit of a major telecom services company was suffering from declining profitability, low employee morale and inefficient leadership. I worked closely with a newly appointed CEO to bring about a positive change. By focusing on mid-level employees, clients and costs, in that order, we were able to execute a successful turnaround within 6 months.

Organizational Realignment

A large sales teStrategy_Case_Realignmentam was suddenly under performing. The choice was to either fire a few, change the leader or to effect a turnaround. In consultation with key team members, I realigned the team for a short duration with cross functional team formation. Over daily calls and updates, as a result of increase collaboration and a spirit of competitiveness, the performance no

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