Stress and Positivity


There is a very cheesy bollywood line which is quite widely used – “Tension lene ka nahi, dene ka” (loosely translated as – Don’t take stress, give stress to others). It often does help in easing a stressful situation and may make the distressed person help ease off a bit.

However, in most situations, it is not so easy. It takes us a long time to calm / collect ourselves and take action. The time will vary for each individual. However, the time lapse can cause some damage in the form of uncalled for reactions and negative mindsets settling in.

A lot of research has been done to figure out ways of negating stress or reducing it. However, this Ted video by Kelly McGonigal turns the stress theory on its head. Stress may or may not be good. But a conscious reaction to stress, if channeled correctly can be have quite a productive (I am not saying just ‘positive’) impact on one’s life (and here, I am not just saying ‘work life’).

I am not usually not one for self help strategies, but I believe this talk does make sense. I do hope I am able to apply the concept explained here in my own way. Suggestions on other ways of managing stress are always welcome 🙂