The idea that may see the light of the day


Recently, I was having a conversation with a friend on what do I do in flights / long journeys I undertake when I cannot sleep. My prompt response was that I write business plans on tissue papers provided! And I realized how frequently I do that! No, not writing business plans on tissue papers on flights: just thinking about ideas which can be potential million dollar businesses. The only problem is that I discard them as “potential” within 24 hrs

Then I came across the HBR article by Doug Sundheim What’s your 1 billion dollar idea?

The author explores in a simple and lucid language, seemingly inspired by our day to day thoughts, whether these day to day thoughts can be streamlined in a way that a coherent pattern comes out. A pattern, he believes will actually demonstrate which problems our minds work better at and where our energies should be directed at. What struck me was the simplicity of this idea. Is it not true that we will excel in those things only which challenge us to be better and which will solve our problems? If there is some thing that bothers us so much that we need to find a solution to it, we will eventually find one.

What is more interesting is that Doug has gone a step ahead and got together people to exactly do this. People like me can take to note down and share our ideas / questions which bother us. We do this for 52 weeks during which we jot down those issues every week at least once and at the end of it see if there is a pattern in our problem finding. I believe and it seems the intention of Doug as well is that once this pattern is found, we can well be on the track to converting that idea into a profitable business: as that idea will be backed by true and honest introspection.

I have become part of this google group who are sharing their thoughts. Hopefully by then end of this year, I will be able to have some direction!

It would be great if the readers could let me know of their thoughts on this!


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