Technology, Leadership and Education – Social Upliftment

The case study on South Bend, Indiana’s water management systems is a classic example of technology and leadership coming together to solve a community’s problem.

It talks about how a group of citizens faced with an uncomfortable situation with an expensive solution thought together and used modern technology to resolve the problem at lower costs.

It is an incredible story and am sure there are many such instances in not just developed but developing countries as well. However, I feel that apart from technology and visionary leadership as key factors highlighted in the case, community maturity levels also plays a key part in the contributing to such upliftment.

Community maturity is about the willingness of the citizens to join hands for the greater good. It is not about them sacrificing personal goals but accommodating a bit to participate actively for the greater good. This attitude, from a larger proportion of the community, largely depends on the education level. The more educated the community, the greater the scope for collective growth. Although community values do play a great part here, academic education is what is being referred to.


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