You’ve got discount!

I got a mail from yesterday.

They were very sad and were missing me. I felt good about that: in the $800 million Indian e-commerce industry a big player was missing me: a customer who had purchased 6 times in the last 12 months at an average price of Rs. 472 per purchase with the last purchase in October.


I read on..

They had assumed that I was away as I thought they were too expensive. So, they offered me a flat discount of 25% on anything I purchased.

Ooh! A BIG 25% discount! Should I be tempted? Honestly speaking, I was tempted.

However, the only thing I looked at their site was formal belts. I considered belts to be the least risky in terms of quality vs. price pay off. All my previous purchases, as I have indicated above, were on an average priced below Rs. 500. So I looked for a formal office wear belt. I was provided with just one choice. It was not bad at Rs. Rs. 374.25 post discount price.

But, I decided not to purchase it. Not because I considered the pay off as too risky, but because I realized that a belt required certain personalization (the belt hole has to be at an appropriate spot, rt?) which I am sure Zovi will not be able to provide.

And that was the reason I had decided not to purchase clothes online. Not because they are pricey, but they do not really provide the last mile convenience. Even if I eventually purchased it, the free return within 30 days with full refund would not make sense. I would have to bear the cost of return.

For the record, of all the previous purchases, I am not wearing any of them anymore.

And btw, they also thought that my address was also my name (instead of Hi Gaurav / Hi Raj, they referred to me as Hi “my postal address”)

Customer is the king. However, the e-commerce bandwagon is getting burdened with players who assume that the king has so enough cash on him and cares less about quality of service and product.


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