Justice for The Angry Customer

To deal with an angry customer, strive for fairness & empathy.


Stress and Positivity

There is a very cheesy bollywood line which is quite widely used - "Tension lene ka nahi, dene ka" (loosely translated as - Don't take stress, give stress to others). It often does help in easing a stressful situation and may make the distressed person help ease off a bit.However, in most situations, it is... Continue Reading →

Getting things done

How often have we come across situations when what we have asked of has not been done by our colleagues at work (peers, juniors and bosses)? I have faced this situation innumerable number of times in my short career. Since most of my short career I have had the responsibility of getting things done from... Continue Reading →

Technology, Leadership and Education – Social Upliftment

The case study on South Bend, Indiana's water management systems is a classic example of technology and leadership coming together to solve a community's problem. It talks about how a group of citizens faced with an uncomfortable situation with an expensive solution thought together and used modern technology to resolve the problem at lower costs.... Continue Reading →

You’ve got discount!

I got a mail from Zovi.com yesterday. They were very sad and were missing me. I felt good about that: in the $800 million Indian e-commerce industry a big player was missing me: a customer who had purchased 6 times in the last 12 months at an average price of Rs. 472 per purchase with... Continue Reading →

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