Defining Customer Personas: Good example, not the usual context

In any marketing strategy exercise,  one of the first questions that is asked is, "Who is your typical customer?".  This is an absolutely essential  question that needs to be answered  with as much confidence as possible in order to achieve the results.  If not done,  you might end up planning  something which doesn't hold muster... Continue Reading →


The Customer Has Lost It!

I read this fascinating book on an inter-city train journey - The Keeper of Lost Things by Ruth Hogan. For me, train journeys always give me time to introspect about what's happening in my life. And when I read this whimsical and occasionally philosophical book on my Kindle, the introspection went a bit deeper. This... Continue Reading →

Stress and Positivity

There is a very cheesy bollywood line which is quite widely used - "Tension lene ka nahi, dene ka" (loosely translated as - Don't take stress, give stress to others). It often does help in easing a stressful situation and may make the distressed person help ease off a bit.However, in most situations, it is... Continue Reading →

Getting things done

How often have we come across situations when what we have asked of has not been done by our colleagues at work (peers, juniors and bosses)? I have faced this situation innumerable number of times in my short career. Since most of my short career I have had the responsibility of getting things done from... Continue Reading →

Technology, Leadership and Education – Social Upliftment

The case study on South Bend, Indiana's water management systems is a classic example of technology and leadership coming together to solve a community's problem. It talks about how a group of citizens faced with an uncomfortable situation with an expensive solution thought together and used modern technology to resolve the problem at lower costs.... Continue Reading →

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